What We Heard Report & Next Steps

Posted: June 11, 2019

South Lands Engagement Summary

Between February and April 2019, the Ad Hoc Committee of the Holy Spirit Province of Canada facilitated an intensive stakeholder and public engagement campaign to share what has been learned through the exploration of the South Lands and discuss the Franciscans’ vision moving forward as a newly unified body. Through a series of stakeholder meetings and a large public event, the Ad Hoc Committee collected valuable feedback and insights that have been shared with the Franciscans’ Administrative Council for consideration while determining a strategic plan for the future of the South Lands.

The Ad Hoc Committee would like to thank neighbours of Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre, the Cochrane Historical Archival Preservation Society, Rocky View School Division and those who attended our presentations and community discussions for your participation and feedback throughout this process.

The dialogue from these meetings, including all comments and questions have been transcribed, analyzed and compiled into a “What We Heard” report to share with the community.

Click HERE to view the engagement summary.

Next Steps

Upon completing this extensive stakeholder and public engagement program to learn about the community’s relationships and resulting values associated with the South Lands, the Franciscans’ Administrative Council has directed the Ad Hoc Committee to begin a formal process that will establish statutory certainty over the future use of the lands.

Councillor Nagel’s recent Notice of Motion to direct the Town to explore transportation improvements north of Highway 1A, which includes looking at potential options that could involve the Franciscans’ land, reinforces the need to develop a plan for the land that considers the interests of all parties.

The Town of Cochrane’s planning process identifies the tools required to establish statutory certainty for future development (of any type or scale) of privately-owned land:

While an ASP typically precedes land development, the Franciscans have no immediate plans to develop their lands, but instead are seeking to formalize potential future land use opportunities within their lands.

The components of the MDP amendment and new ASP are undetermined at this time and will be based on professional recommendations, guidance from the national Franciscan body, and consultation with the Town of Cochrane, stakeholder groups and the community at large.

Our five GUIDING PRINCIPLES will continue to guide the project as we begin the process to pursue an ASP for the South Lands. These include:

Presentation to Town Council

A delegation of the Ad Hoc Committee and its planning consultants, B&A Planning Group, will make a presentation to Town Council on Monday, June 24, 2019. 

The goals of this presentation are to:

  • Share results of the technical studies conducted to-date
  • Provide a summary of engagement activities and feedback collected
  • Formally introduce the Franciscans’ desires to pursue the MDP amendment and new ASP
  • Gather insight and input from the Town of Cochrane to be considered moving forward

Drafting the MDP and New ASP

The Ad Hoc Committee will begin the process of drafting the components of the MDP amendment and new ASP for the South Lands. This process will include a robust engagement program that will facilitate collaboration with Town Administration and Council, key local and regional stakeholders, neighbours and the community at-large to help develop a plan for the South Lands that benefits all.

More details on the process and future engagement opportunities will be shared as they become available.  We look forward to working collaboratively throughout this process. Please stay tuned for updates!

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