Response to Councillor Nagel’s motion to “start exploring options to build new access to Highway 1A from Sunset, Sunterra and Cochrane Heights”

Posted: May 17, 2019

We have recently learned through social media and a local news story of Councillor Nagel’s proposal for an arterial connector between Highway 1A to Sunterra Road by crossing over the “Big Hill”.

This proposal, advanced at Council without prior discussion or notice to the Franciscans of Holy Spirit Province of Canada, reinforces our urgent need to examine our property and to develop a plan for our South Lands.  As described at the many stakeholder and public engagement efforts over the last several months, we are undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of our land holdings in Cochrane and are exploring potential alternate uses for these lands. Councillor Nagel’s proposal demonstrates our need to assure legal certainty over our property and to be party to all discussions and approvals regarding any possible re-purposing of our lands.

We are continuing to review and discuss the South Lands with Town administrators, political representatives, regional stakeholders, neighbours and our Administrative Council. We are always ready to collaborate on pragmatic solutions that benefit all and will continue our commitment to engage the public throughout this process.

We have been a willing and cooperative neighbour in Cochrane for over 70 years and have a respected and vested interested in the Town’s bright and prosperous future.


Bob Mokry, o.f.m.,
Provincial Vicar
Holy Spirit Province of Canada

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