Franciscan South Lands ASP Update

November 3, 2020

The MSF South Lands Ad Hoc Committee (Ad Hoc Committee) would like to thank you for your continued participation and interest in the South Lands ASP Project. 

Since distributing the online engagement summary in September, The Ad Hoc Committee has updated the submission document to include the results of all public engagement conducted to-date and finalized the draft Franciscan South Lands Area Structure Plan.

The Ad Hoc Committee officially submitted the draft ASP to the Town of Cochrane on Tuesday, October 13, 2020.

The ASP proposes a holistic plan to:

  • Preserve more than 100 acres or 60% of the property as Environmental Reserve;
  • Establish a comprehensively-planned residential neighbourhood within a portion of the “bench lands”;
  • Provide improved transportation infrastructure through an alternate roadway access for Cochrane Heights, Sunterra Heights, the Tri-schools and the Cochrane Arena;
  • Accommodate new community amenities that align with the Franciscans’ values and mission;
  • Create community focal points to provide views and vistas;
  • Legalize public access to Cochrane Big Hill; and
  • Harmonize the environmental reserve areas to strengthen the Town of Cochrane’s Open Space Master Plan.

For more information about the project and to view the proposed concept plan, view the June 2020 Online Information Package HERE.


The Town of Cochrane’s planning process will now include:

  • Internal review of the application and technical studies by Town Administration (Late 2020 / Early 2021)
  • Revisions to the ASP as required and further review (Early 2021)
  • Town of Cochrane external circulation (30 days) & public engagement (TBD)
  • Revisions to the ASP as required and further review (TBD)
  • Town of Cochrane Council (1st reading) (TBD)
  • Public Hearing (TBD)
  • Town of Cochrane Council (2nd & 3rd reading) (TBD)


The Ad Hoc Committee remains committed to sharing information and updates with the community and stakeholders throughout the Town’s review process. The website FAQ will continue to be updated to ensure the Committee’s responses to questions and comments are available to all.

Please note the project website domain has been recently updated to


Tamille Beynon, Communications and Engagement Advisor


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