January 4, 2019

Over the last two months, we have been working with a number of technical consultants to gain ecological and historical knowledge about our lands to help guide our next 70 years as the newly unified Holy Spirit Province of Canada.

The consultants have been exploring our lands from a variety of perspectives, including:

HISTORICAL – Because of our lands’ rich history as an integral piece of Cochrane’s heritage, we want to know if there are any archaeologically-significant areas on our lands

ENVIRONMENTAL – We want to know if there are any areas within our lands that may require remediation as a result of past activities that could have created any sort of negative impacts

ECOLOGICAL – We want to know more about the plants and wildlife that currently reside on or pass through our lands

TOPOGRAPHICAL– Understanding the unique nature of our land due to its diverse slopes and sprawling plateaus, we want to explore the land on a deeper level and understand the significance of its topographic features

This work is expected to be complete within the next month, and we look forward to sharing results of these studies with the community in the near future!

Mount St. Francis Retreat Lands – looking southwest towards the Town of Cochrane and HWY 1A

Mount St. Francis Retreat Lands – looking west towards Cochrane Heights

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